The Romanian Society of Business Law organises annually two important International Conferences, ”Perspectives of European Union Law” and ”Perspectives of Labor Law” together with the Faculty of Law of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies and it is the partner of another two organised by the  Faculty of Law with the Society of Juridical Sciences and Public Administration:  ”Perspectives of Business law in the Third Millennium” and ” Contemporary Challanges in Adimnistrative Law from a Interdisciplinary Perspective” 

These conferences provide an opportunities for all those interested in Business Law to discuss and exchange research ideas especially in the light of situations generated by changes of legislation in different states.    

We welcome both practical and theoretical work that is consistent in information on the themes of the conferences.

The conferences are addressed especially to researchers, PhD students and practitioners to submit papers aiming to lead to interesting and elaborated debates on the large, specialized and technical subject of business law.